Monday, August 26, 2013

It's the final countdown...

I was at the dog park this weekend and there is a girl there that I see every weekend who is about ten years younger than me and due to deliver her baby the same week I am.  She is having a girl and we have already discussed arranged marriage and all those important things.  So there you have it.  This chick (whose name I never remember even though I spend 2+ hours with her a week and have done so for a good 6 months or so) went in to labor yesterday.  She was at the dog park in the first stage of labor and she was tossing around words like "mucus plug" and "bloody show" and, call me crazy, but I still think that's gross.

In addition to grossing me out by questioning me about my own cervical adventures, she also brought homw to me the reality that this baby can come at any time.  That means that I should probably start orgnaizing my work area at the end of each day and making it abundantly clear what needs to be done for the following day and whatnot.  If I had gone in to labor this weekend and had been unable to come to work today, there would have been a giant mess with all sorts of half-filled-out paper work and reports for some poor soul to sift through and try to figure out what the bloody hell was going on.  So, I will try to be more organized at work this weekend.

Mr. Adventure's 5 year old daugher was with us this weekend.  She announced that she thinks her baby brother's name should be Briffin.  Yesterday she was playing that Eye Pet game for the PS3 and she named her pet Brucell.  Also, I have never seen a person take so long to eat a baby carrot.  I think next time she comes over, I am going to make cookies that have carrots in them.  I made gluten free, egg free, sugar free chocolate chip cookies this weekend that were AMAZING.  Sweetened with banana and coconut with chunks of dark chocolate.

38 weeks pregnant...  I still feel fine.  My boss noted that my face isn't puffy at all and another coworker expressed her jealousy that she got the "mask of pregnancy" and I didn't.  I think my biggest obstacle currently is getting comfortable enough to sleep.  And battling my video game addiction.  My ginger minion (aka my lab tech) loaned me Ni No Kuni for the PS3 and I cannot stop playing it.  Also, my pubic bone has been sore for months, in case you were wondering.  It kind of feels like I've been kicked in the clam by a giant wearing steel-toed boots.

If you check out my incredibly helpful and relavant chart from last week, you will see that, at 38 weeks, Hamburglar is the size of a pumpkin, rhubarb and a duffel bag.  So, I think you should make Rhubarb, ginger pumpkin muffins!  How many, you ask?  Why, a duffel bag full of them, of course.

I see the midwife today and go to the chiropractor again on Thursday.  I keep meaning to schedule a prenatal massage, but I don't really no where to go.  And I really don't want a bad massage.  I think that is worse than no massage.

Mr. Adventure still is not done with the floor.  So, if anyone is interested in betting on when McCloud will appear or if/when Mr. Adventure will finish the floor in the nursery... I'm down.

That is all.

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