Monday, August 12, 2013

Hawaii, honeydew and honey... DO

I received a phone call on Saturday from by best friend from college.  She was calling to make sure I got everything I needed from my shower and to make sure I had a good time and all that other nice stuff, to which I responded, "Are you drunk?"  She was working on it.  And she's hilarious when drinking.  Mr. Adventure and I were driving around downtown, looking for a parking spot when she called.  From what I gather, she was calling partially because she missed me (I miss you, too!) and she sounded like she felt guilty for scheduling a trip that extends on either side of my due date.  It was very sweet.  Her birthday is in September and she and her husband are going to Hawaii for two weeks.  I told her not to worry about it and let her know that, if I could, I would go to Hawaii and let her stay here and have the baby for me.  Hell, if they'll let me fly, I will go to Hawaii and have the baby there.

My friends are truly the best, funniest and most delightful people in the world.

Also, I am turning a billion seconds old at the end of October, so this means she will come out for the party, right?

Now that I am 36 weeks pregnant, I am sleeping less.  Not out of a lack of desire to be well-rested, mind you, but more because I wake up approximately 3000 times per night to pee, then I can't get back to sleep.  Then Mr. Adventure puts the dogs in their room for the night because he worries that they are bugging me, but they are my back-up alarm clocks so, if they are in their room, that means they are not in my room to wake me up which means that, on days like today, when I plan on being at work by 6:15a, I don't get in until 7a, but I have to leave early for an appointment with my midwife, which means I am starting my week with a deficit on hours that I will have to make up before the week is out.  Le sigh.

Staying at work these days is hard.  Because I'm tired.  And there's nowhere good to nap.  And my work load is so light now that everyone else is getting trained on how to do it.  I'm hoping McCloud will come soon just so I don't have to go to work for a while.  Is that terrible?

The baby is the size of a honeydew this week.  It is hot.  You should put your honeydew in the refrigerator so it gets nice and cold, then cut it up and eat it. 

My body temperature has been perfect until about a week ago.  Now, all I do is sweat and I keep hoping someone will come and steal my kidney, just so they will pack me in a bathtub full of ice.  Because that sounds nice.  But I don't have a bathtub.

I have my group b strep test this afternoon.  The midwife told me to study hard and make sure I fail.  I guess about 30% of women have it and it means you have to be given antibiotics throughout labor to make sure your wee little babe doesn't get it or something.  And I guess group B strep is like the karma chameleon (it comes and goes) which is why they test for it towards the end of pregnancy rather than at the beginning.  Group B strep is okay for adults, but in newborns, it can cause sepsis or pneumonia or, in some cases, meningitis.  And that would be a terrible way to start life.  Untreated, the chance of a woman with group b  strep to pass the disease on to her baby is 1 in 200.  With the use of antibiotics during labor, the odds decrease to 1 in 4000.  And, according to the CDC, the antibiotics have to be taken during, not before, labor because the colonies grow back so quickly.  So, there you go.  Your internet lesson for the day.

Mr. Adventure still has not done anything with the floors in the baby room yet.  I would like to assemble his crib and maybe move his dresser in from the garage...  The stupid thing is I shouldn't just go and do it myself because we are to the chemical application stage and all the various cans of pretreatments and strippers and stains say that pregnant ladies should avoid inhaling them.  Which means that is will be even worse for a baby.  Which means the floors should have been done four fucking months ago.  Or even a week ago.  I don't care when.  They need to be done.  He is being furloughed at work, which means he has time.  I'll give it a week.  If the floors aren't done by then, I will just burn the house down and find a new place that has a room with floors that are okay to put furniture on.  Problem solved.

Also, I keep forgetting everything.  Like today.  I forgot to put on deodorant.  And it is hot.  And I stink.  At least I spend most of the day working alone.

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