Thursday, September 5, 2013

39 weeks!

Well, since I’m late posting this week, it’s 39 weeks and 3 days or something.  But who’s counting?  :D

I had a weird nightmare the other night and, much like I have done the few other times I have had nightmares, I woke up and made a loud yelling sound.  I do this partially to make sure I am awake.  Mr. Adventure was in the front room entertaining guests/nerding out and he heard me and came running.  “Do we need to go to the hospital?!  Is it the baby?!”  It took me a second to respond because I just woke up, and when I told him it was a shadow bear he looked very confused.  I didn’t know how else to describe what I had seen.  Later, his friend Smash told me she had never seen anyone move so quickly.
So, I guess he is ready whenever Hamburglar and I are.  I should probably pack a hospital bag.  But what will I put in it?  I think the only thing I really need is my phone charger, and I don’t want to pack that.  And some snacks.  We also need to install the car seat.  Someone asked me the other day if I am “ready” to have the baby.  I figure I’m as ready as I’m going to be.  I could definitely be more prepared/organized, but I really don’t think the baby gives a shit about organization.  I mean, theoretically, I don’t even need to clean the house because he won’t be able to see very far in front of his face, right?
In other news…
Mr. Adventure has started staining the floor!  It’s halfway done and using the Minwax wood conditioner has made a huge difference.  He was trying to use a gel stain before and these darker spots were appearing and I have been spending more time than I ever thought possible at Woodcraft the last couple of weeks and reading a lot about hardwood floor restoration.  I learned that conditioning the floor first is supposed to even out any spots, and it is working!  We went with Candlelite for the stain color and it looks really nice.  I can’t wait until it’s done!
And one of my coworkers bought me a Boba carrier!  I was going to buy it this week, but he beat me to it!  That was the last thing I really wanted before the baby comes, and now I have it!
At 39 weeks pregnant, Mr. Baby is the size of a watermelon or a rabbit.  Or maybe a rabbit stuffed into a watermelon?  If you are not pregnant, I advise you to make a booze melon to celebrate the end of summer.  To do this, cut a hole in your watermelon, all the way into the flesh, shove a funnel in the hole and pour in the vodka.  It takes a while for the watermelon to soak up the booze… 2 cups takes about 2 days, so you should leave the melon in the fridge.  And I’ve heard it is extra delicious if you use lime vodka, though I have never tried it.  When it’s ready to go, just slice it up and serve.  If you are pregnant, just eat some watermelon.  I’ve never had or made rabbit and I wouldn’t know what to do with one, so no recipe for that.
In other other news, I am still working.  And I am trying to finish this huge project that was dumped on me last week before I have a baby.  It’s going well so far, but I think I will need to come in Saturday.  Luckily, there will be other people in the lab this weekend. 
Also, the baby was head down a week ago, but he still hasn’t dropped and he keeps moving around.  I’m hoping it’s normal.  I just keep assuming that whatever is happening is what is supposed to happen.  I see the midwife tomorrow and I figure she will let me know if anything weird is going on.
Oh!  And I met dog park baby!  She’ super cute.  But dog park girl told me about her 40+ hour labor in which she had her membranes ruptured and then had to have pitocen to induce on top of it and whatnot.  I’m hoping for a labor that lasts far less than 40 hours.
That is all.

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