Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things to come

Mr. Adventure was watching a friend's four-month-old yesterday.  Every time he held the baby, Hamburglar would say, "No, me!" and try to climb in his lap.  We didn't know he knew the word "me."

Chumbercules had his 18 month check-up on Friday.  Dr. Soulpatch gave me the option of an early MMR vaccine, so we went for it.  And he received his regularly scheduled Hep A.  His next visit is at 2 and there are no shots involved at all!

I had to fill out development paperwork that asked questions like, "Can the child identify two or more body parts." And "Does the child have at least 8 words?" And, "Does the child try to hand objects to his/her reflection?"

Mr. Adventure was worried because he's the worrier, and because Chumby didn't have all the skills in each category. He had at least 5 out of 6 in all of them so whatever.  And the doc said he's doing great. He knows the names for almost his entire body. And he doesn't hand objects to his reflection because maybe he knows it's a reflection?

At 17 weeks pregnant, the crazy dreams have started. I've had two dreams about women I think are horrible mothers and in each dream, my car was stolen. And I had a weird dream last night about being able to see my belly move from baby movement, which was fine until Sean Connery (meaning the baby) pressed his/her face against my belly.  It looked kind of like this, if the head were smaller and there was an additional layer of skin draped across this whole head.

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So, there's that. We find out what kind of junk baby number two is packing on Earth Day!

Other than that, Pregnant Chicken says the baby is the size of an iPhone this week. According to my Ultimate Guide to Faux Infant Cannibalism, Sean Connery is the size of an onion, a pear or a baked potato. If you feel like talking on your iPhone while making something delicious for week 17, this potato latke with caramelized pears recipe looks really good. It isn't rated and it looks like a lot of work, but if you love latkes as much as I do... I bet it's super good. So you should make it.  And mail me some. Or just bring them by my house.

And the Ugly Volvo has a new post up!  I love her. I kind of want to move to New Jersey, just so I can make her be my friend.

And I'm thinking about Easter. Particularly what I am going to put in the Easter eggs for my mom's group Easter potluck and party, what I'm going to put in Chumby's Easter basket, and whether or not we are going to color eggs. And, most importantly, should I traumatize wee little Hamburglar by making his sit on the Easter bunny's lap again?

All I know for sure is we are going to the hot springs again for Easter. 

And that's all.

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