Monday, March 16, 2015

First trip away from baby

I went to San Jose last week for work.  I was worried that Mr. Adventure and Chumbercules would miss me too much.  That bedtime wouldn't happen.  That Chumby would feel abandoned (I think I have not been home for bed time once in the last year and a half, until last week) and I worried that I would miss him way too much.

But, I want to go back.  I loved San Jose and sleeping in the middle of the bed and not being woken up at night.  Also, it rehydrated the weird, desert, lizard skin I've developed.  And Mr. Adventure and Hamburglar were great.  I talked to them both on the phone each day (I left Monday night and was back Thursday night).  One of my conversations with Chumby went like this:

Me: How are you?
Chumb: Yeah
Me: Did you have a good day?
Chumb: Yeah
Me: Are you and dad having fun?
Chumb: Yeah
Me: Is that all you can say?
Chumb: Cat

This, coming from the kid who calls our friend's cat a dog. 

Also, I forgot to update you all on how my visit to the birthing center went.  It was pretty terrible.  The midwife I was hoping to meet (and thought I was going to meet) wasn't there.  This is what I posted to my local mom group page, "Argh. I went to X Birth Center and met with Shaundra. I really want to find a place that isn't a hospital, where the midwife doesn't look stoned, where they don't burn nag champa... I spent my late teens and early twenties going to rainbow gatherings and I went to The Evergreen State College for my undergrad degree. I'm all hippied out. I have tons of time, but I'm just going to give birth in a parking lot or something. Boohoohoo, poor me, etc etc"

And, it turns out I'm not the only one who feels that way about Shaundra.  It was so over the top hippy.  Or, she was.   So, I guess we are hospital birthing again.  Or Mr. A is delivering the baby in a parking lot near the hospital.

Um... 15 and a half weeks pregnant and now I'm having the first trimester symptoms.  I've been super nauseated and have aversions to pretty much all food.  All I want to eat is smoked salmon and Captain Crunch.  With Crunchberries.

But seriously.  Everything sounds terrible.

That's all for now.

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