Friday, October 24, 2014

Three things

Thing 1) We went apple picking and pumpkin patching last weekend and it was awesome.  It was way better than the more carnival-like pumpkin patch we went to last year.  And Hamburglar really enjoyed eating apples and walking around in the orchard.  Though, he wasn't strong enough to pick up the pumpkin he wanted.

Thing 2) This is a thing.  And this.

Thing 3) Did you know that I have a Tumblr page?  I have 4 followers and I only know three of them!  I kind of love Tumblr.  one of my coworkers said it's for porn, but I haven't seen much of any of that on there, so I don't know.  But they do have this.  And Skeletor is Love.

Also, just a heads up, The Ugly Volvo has a new post up.

Other than that...

We are going to Boo at the Zoo this weekend and we are going to carve and paint pumpkins.  And maybe make some pie.  Because pie is delicious.

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