Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The park, the zoo and a lot of poo

We went to Boo at the Zoo on the 25th.  Little Miss Adventure and I had sparkly masquerade masks we'd picked up for $7 each at Pier One, Mr. Adventure wore Groucho glasses and the wee babe was dressed as Chucky.  It was fun and funny.  I saw about 3,000 little girls dressed as Elsa, but no little Elsas came trick-or-treating at our house on Halloween.

Hamburglar and I are still in the weaning process.  We hit a bit of a lull because I wasn't sure how to stop the morning or night feedings, but we've skipped out on the morning feedings four days in a row, now.  He's waking up a little bit earlier, but that's okay.  I keep wondering if each session is going to be the last.  He's becoming less interested in the night feeding, too.  Which means my goal of being completely done breastfeeding by 15 months is likely going to happen.

It's the end of an era.

Mr. Adventure experienced the Poo-Pocalypse about a week and a half ago.  Chumbercules slept in late the Friday before last and he normally sleeps in a disposable diaper, and nothing else.  Mr. Adventure woke up at 9:30a and went into the babe's room and found poo everywhere.  It was in Hamburglar's hair and eyes and mouth and on the wall and all over the crib and in between the crib mattress and the crib frame... When Mr. Adventure went in there, Chumby was balling it up and dropping it on the floor.  Mr. Adventure has a sensitive stomach and is easily grossed out (I'm assuming it's because he was an only child) and he claims to have vomited twice during clean up.

Events like this make me feel better about working all day.

Halloween came.  We took Little Miss Adventure trick-or-treating.  Or, her dad took her.  She was dressed as Aurora and was pretty damn cute.  Chumbercules and I stayed home, watched Elvira, and handed out candy.  He was really into the Monsta Rap.  And yelling excitedly at trick-or-treaters.  I think we'll take him out when he's 3?  Maybe 4?  I don't know.  The following day, the Little Miss put her princess crown on Owen.  He looked very handsome.

Saturday Hamburglar and I went to story time at the library.  And we went to the Nordstrom rack and I found some rad baby toys, including this guy from Skip Hop.  I love wooden toys, and I love this giraffe.  It was $6 at the rack.  I also got him some bath toys for $3 and talked myself out of spending the rest of my paycheck on adorable dresses for the Little Miss.  I think I may take her out to find a fancy holiday dress the next time we have her.

Saturday it monsooned all afternoon and all night.  So we were going a bit stir crazy.  I baked muffins Sunday morning and Rupert ate most of them off the counter, because he's a dick.  Then Chumby and I went to the park.  I was trying to get him to walk to the play area from the car, but the play area is around the bend and he really wanted to put leaves in his mouth.  Once I got him to where he could see the playground, he headed straight for the swings.  because the swings are obvs the best thing ever.  I got some really good pictures.

One of my favorite bloggers posted a while ago about photo wallpaper, and I've been mentally putting together our wallpaper photo thing in my head for a while now.  After we paint, it's going above the couch in the living room.

I think I want a real camera.  Since I'm the one that typically photographs our lives, I think my old Galaxy S2 isn't really cutting it anymore.  I have 1700 photos on my phone, because I don't want to delete them.  Because I'm a photo hoarder.  Even though I have them all backed up in the Cloud.

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