Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Doing things = hard.

At 29 weeks pregnant, doing stuff is getting really difficult, y'all.

Things that are becoming harder as pregnancy progresses:

Putting on pants, which I do multiple times a day since I get dressed in the morning, change into my super ugly lab pants at work, change them back to go home…
Taking off my pants, also something I do multiple times a day.
Putting on socks.
Taking off socks.
Picking things up off the ground.
Feeding the dogs.
Getting the dogs water.
Really, anything that involves bending over.
Or rolling over.  I swear it takes me a good twenty minutes to roll over in bed, because I need to stop for a break part way through.  That is typically the point when I rest on my back for a moment, until it becomes difficult to breathe, and wonder, “Is it worth it to roll over?  Or should I just deal with the pain I will feel in my hip tomorrow from sleeping on the same side all night?”
This week, McCloud is allegedly the size of a butternut squash, so imagine my excitement when I remembered I have one sitting on my counter!  When I informed my friend from college of both of these things, she encouraged me to make squash curry soup.  And she started singing, “Butternut Babies” to the tune of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Buttermilk Biscuits.”  It was extra hilarious because I forgot that song even existed.  But, I think I am going to make this because I love whole grains and I’ve been eating nothing but brown rice or quinoa for weeks now and I think faro sounds nice.  If you were in the mood for a good curry soup featuring butternut baby (or squash as the case may be) this recipe from allrecipes looks super delicious.
I’m going to my first ever baby shower this weekend.  It happens to be for me, so that’s exciting.  I hope there is booze.  Not because the baby wants to get drunk, but because I believe firmly that no one should be forced to sit through a baby shower sober unless they are pregnant, underage, driving or can’t handle their liquor.  I don’t know what this will be like, though, because the ladies from the lab are throwing it.  But I do know that scientists can cook like mother fuckers and, at the very least, the food will be delicious!  My coworker who is hosting just had a son in November of last year and she has been setting clothes aside for me since I announced my pregnancy back in April or whenever it was.  It’s supposed to be 100+ degrees on Saturday, so I need to figure out what I will wear without dying of heat stroke or getting a severe case of thigh burn.  I should just hire someone to carry me around for the next ten weeks.  And fan me.  That would be nice, too.

In other news, I have read this essay about a thousand times and it never fails to make me laugh.  And, in case you don’t already know where I stand, I would TOTALLY let a brontosaurus watch my baby.  (If you like that essay, you should read this one, too.)

In more historic news, the Supreme Court declared DOMA unconstitutional today and dismissed the Prop H8 appeal.  So, FUCK YES!  How wonderful for my friends who are married to partners of the same sex to be able to inherit property, receive benefits and have legal standing when it comes to end of life choices, you know, all the federal benefits straight couples receive.  This is so big.  And so sad that we needed the SCOTUS to make this ruling, and really disappointing that the decision was 5-4… but as my old geology professor used to say, “It’s good enough for government work” and good enough for government work it is, indeed.

In not-so-big news… Mr. Adventure finally finished sanding the floor!  I think we are going to paint this weekend.  Or maybe not, since it is going to be in the 100’s all weekend.  We might die.  But we are at least going to buy paint this weekend.  And stain for the floor.  The only question now is: what color stain do we want on these lovely, oak floors?

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