Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This cheating heart

I have a confession.

I have plans to be unfaithful to my midwife.

I saw her last week and, the more I think about it, the more the idea of a hospital birth is filling me with anxiety.

Long-time readers will recall that a hospital-based certified-nurse-midwife was mine and Mr. Adventure's compromise, so everyone felt comfortable, since there had been complications with the Little Miss's birth.  And the birth itself was fine, it was staying overnight in the hospital that sucked balls.

So, today, this afternoon, after work, Mr. Adventure, Hamburglar and I are going to check out a new-ish birthing center that was opened by a midwife that used to work with my midwife at a different hospital!  (Is that like sleeping with your husband's cousin?)

I'm pretty excited.  It looks perfect on paper.  They include a doula as part of the service, they do the newborn exam right there (none of that pesky, waiting for a pediatrician to release your babe from the hospital) and they come to your house 24-48 hours after the birth to check on you, so you don't have to put on pants or load a million babies into your car (in case you have a baby/clown car).  The doula will come to your house while you're laboring if you like, or she will meet you at the birth center.  And they have yoga classes and birth classes and childcare classes, all right there!  I'm pretty excited.

Also, you come in for postpartum checks after 1 and 3 weeks, instead of just once after two weeks.  I definitely thought something was seriously wrong with my junk/I was dying after 1 week.

And I am thinking, if I decide to go with this new midwife, I should probably tell my current midwife in person?  I don't know.  But I'm already pretty excited.

In other news, I had a "bitch-be-crazy-and-thinks-everything-is-a-miscarriage" ultrasound last week.  Everything looks fine and it turns out, Sean Connery is a week younger than initially thought.  Which means, my new EDD (estimated due date) is two weeks before Chumbercules turns two.

So, NOW I'm ten weeks pregnant.  And I already told my boss and coworkers.  They're all pretty excited.

The nice thing about pregnancy the first time, is you can totally be an ostrich and ignore what happens at the end until the end.  But this time, I know what's coming and I keep thinking about the birth part.  I need to mother-fucking relax and start living in the mother-fucking now.

Two other things:

Thing one:
Hamburglar loves Chu's Day and Chu's First Day of School by Neil Gaiman.  If you're looking for a cute and fun children's book, check one or both of these out.  And, even though I pretty much have both of these (and Little Blue Truck) memorized, we still have fun reading them.

Thing two:
This is my favorite thing I've read lately.

Other than that, Horn went beep/engine purred/ Friendliest sound/ You ever heard.

That's all.

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