Friday, June 26, 2015

75 percent

It's that time of pregnancy again, everyone! Where I declare myself to be 75% pregnant. Yay! Also, only ten weeks left. Eek!

I had my glucose screen with the midwife last week and I, once again, do not have gestational diabetes! Yay! My blood sugar looked even more awesome than usual. My blood pressure has been equally awesome so far this pregnancy (last time around, it kept going up even though I didn't have Pre-eclampsia, and the midwife tested me for HELPP towards the end of my pregnancy). And, I made some changes to my diet a while ago that are supposed to be good for my thyroid (cutting out soy, limiting gluten) and, so far this pregnancy, I've only gained 7 pounds. And that's pretty awesome since I'm a big fat fatty anyway. Last time I gained 30 total, which is a reasonable and standard amount of weight to gain while pregnant. Though, the doctors do say for all us fatties out there that we should really only gain half that.

I'm hungry.

Hamburglar can count to nine. Well, he skips the number four, but who needs the number four anyway? Four is a total asshole.

What else? I'm rocking my job about as awesome as I'm rocking my pregnancy. I passed my Waste Water Lab IV exam (I never have to take another lab exam again!) and I was selected for a pilot leadership program for the municipality I work for. Mister Adventure is getting super close to going back to work (he's had enough of full-time stay-at-home-dadd-ing, which I totally get) and we've found a few pre-pre-schools that look promising for our favorite toddler.

Also, we get to have the Little Miss for 4th of July this year. Though she's not so little any more. I'm pretty sure she's part Amazon, because the kid is a giant.

And we are getting closer to naming Son Number Two. We are not naming him Maxwell, which had been at the top of my list, but I have pregnant friends all over the country who are naming their sons various versions of Max this year. It's still a totally adorable name and I love it, but I went to elementary school with a million Dustins, and I want 2.0 to avoid the Dustin Effect.

Mr. Adventure suggested a name that I thought was kind of douchey, so I googled douchey names and came across this. We aren't planning to name the kid Chad or Brody, so I think we're good. One of my coworkers went to high school with a Chad who eventually named his son Brody. She claims they aren't douchey, but I think it can be hard to tell if someone is a douche when you are in the web of douchiness or something.

Anyway, that's about it. It's summer. It's hot. I'm glad I work in a climate-controlled environment that is always 20 degrees Celsius.

I almost forgot! 30 weeks means Sean Connery is the size of a cucumber, a cabbage and Britney Spears's Yorkshire Terrier. So, yum! Throw all that shit on the grill and see what happens!

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