Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Teeth are overrated

We’ve been suspicious for about a week and a half now that Hamburglar McCloud is teething.  Or beginning the teething process.  He has been super extra drooly, his cheeks are amazingly rosy and he has started chewing on his index finger.  Oh, and he won’t take a bottle.  It’s fine for me, because I feed him from the breast when I’m home.  It is not, however, fine for others.  According to Mr. Adventure, our favorite baby screams like he’s hungry, but refuses to eat.  I read that the sucking motion from a bottle can be super painful when teething, so that is my current theory.  Either that or he may be possessed.  He will be 4 months on Friday and we are going to see Dr. Soul Patch and I will question him as to whether we should get teething tablets or an exorcism.

One mama in a forum I was reading had stated that either people shouldn't have teeth or babies should be born with a full set.  Considering this is only the beginning, I'm inclined to agree.  I wonder if my boss will order me some chloroform?

Mr. Baby’s laugh is changing.  He has been giggling more and it’s pretty god damn hilarious.  Also, the nice thing about him not eating as much when I’m at work is that I am building up my freezer stock of milk and I wasn’t as worried as I normally would be when I dropped a full bag (5oz) of freshly expressed milk on the floor at work.  For all you pumping mamas out there… you know that shit is worth its weight in gold.  Or it should be.

Speaking of breastfeeding…

You know how breastfeeding is hard?  I have a girlfriend who has been exclusively pumping because she couldn’t get her babe to latch.  Turns out the babe was tongue-tied.  She’s currently on the hunt for a new pediatrician.  The official fancy name for tongue tie is “ankyloglossia” and means ‘crooked tongue’ in Greek.  Basically, tongue tie is when that little webbing type thing on the under side of your tongue restricts the movement of your tongue.  It makes sense if you can’t move your tongue right then you would have trouble latching.  La Leche League has some good info on tongue tie and breastfeeding.

I also read this article about how hard breastfeeding has always been and it briefly touches on the reasons that doctors were pushing the bottle/formula after it was invented.  It totally makes sense.  And you shouldn’t feel guilty if you can’t breastfeed or if you don’t want to.  All that really matters is that you’re feeding your baby.  And, really, anything has to be better than feeding your baby donkey milk or wine and honey.  It’s an interesting read.  I have an old book I bought at a bookstore in Pioneer Square when I first moved to Seattle.  Both the covers were falling off, so I got it for a quarter.  It’s basically a Ladies Home Journal style book from the 1890’s.  I was reading  about breastfeeding to see what it had to say and it suggested that breast is best, but donkey milk is the best animal substitute.  I think in modern times, formula is probably better than donkey milk (or “ass milk” as my head keeps saying.  Gross.).

Mr. Baby and I are road tripping to Seattle this weekend.  I’m hoping if we leave early enough, he will sleep at least halfway there.  And I’m hoping there isn’t too much snow on the pass.  I’m just excited for good sushi and dim sum and maybe some lil’ mahis at the Jolly Roger Tap Room… maybe brunch at that place I super love to go for brunch…  I mean, yeah, it’s nice to see friends, but I start planning all the places I want to go for food a couple of weeks in advance.  Lodging and whatnot may be up in the air, but I know for damn sure where I want to go for lunch as soon as I get into town.  Plus a beer sounds nice.  A good beer.  And who knows, maybe they will even have a baby bowl full of wine and honey.

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